A lab designed just for hair

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Our Story

Founders Dalar and Clare connected over a shared love of beauty. While working in very different fields — Dalar as a process engineer for an industrial gas company and Clare as a Navy Officer — they both found comfort and joy in the products and rituals they employed before facing the world. 


Hair care, though, was an exception. Despite having very different types of hair, neither Dalar nor Clare could figure out which products or routine elements would reliably help them achieve the results they wanted. Experimenting with the wrong products was frustrating and expensive, and they began to wonder if there might be a better way to understand their needs and shop for hair care, one that would bypass the frothy marketing and guesswork.  


In devising hairID, they sought to create a product that provides accurate, personalized and actionable hair care insights. Using her background in chemical engineering, Dalar developed the testing protocols for hairID and a proprietary product matching algorithm, bringing forth a truly scientific and data-driven approach to hair care. 


They hope that the hairID approach will empower everyone working towards their perfect hair day. 

Our Mission

The average woman in the U.S spends $55,000 on haircare throughout the course of her lifetime, and we know from our own experience and speaking to countless others, that rarely are people completely satisfied with how their hair looks and feels. We believe this is largely because consumers don’t have the information they need to make the right choices for their hair. It’s not their fault - the advice and guidance out there presently is mostly pseudoscience, based on stereotypes and cliches. Our goal at Lemma Labs is to bring forth definitive, conclusive information about your hair at an accessible price. With more, better data, our customers make informed hair care decisions, saving time, money and effort in the process. 

Why Lemma Labs


Our rigorous laboratory testing utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and peer reviewed methods


Our results provide product recommendations and a guide that helps you shop anywhere

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Our algorithm eliminates waste by identifying specific products that are compatible with your hair

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Our focus is on sharing information to help you understand your hair’s needs and put you in control