Volume Conditioner

Let's talk about the VERB Volume Conditioner!

Our team of experts reviewed this conditioner's formula and analyzed its compatibility with all types of thickness and porosity. To find out if your hair is compatible with the VERB Volume Conditioner, look at the product highlights below. We've also included material on how to apply the product to your hair.

Product Highlights

This product is a Protein-Enriched Formula, offers Silicone Frizz Control, and is Thin Hair Approved, Low Porosity Approved, and High Porosity Approved.

How to Use:

  1. Apply conditioner to wet hair. Whenever possible, use a conditioner from the same brand and product line as the shampoo you are using. They are typically designed to work in tandem.

  2. Use your fingers, a comb, or a wet brush to spread the conditioner on your hair strands. Focus on covering all of your strands, and add more conditioner if needed to ensure full coverage.

  3. Leave conditioner in hair for about 2 minutes.

  4. Rinse thoroughly. There is no need to use cold water. Science shows us that cold water has no impact on smoothing out the hair cuticles. In fact, ingredients in your conditioner will do this.

What Do You Think?

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