Love Beauty and Planet

Rice Oil and Angelica Essence Curls & Waves Pre-Cleanse Primer Treatment

Let's talk about the Love Beauty and Planet Rice Oil and Angelica Essence Pre-Cleanse Primer Treatment!

Our team of experts reviewed this pre-shampoo's formula and analyzed its compatibility with all types of thickness and porosity. To find out if your hair is compatible with the Love Beauty and Planet Primer Treatment, look at the product highlights below. We've also included material on how to apply the product to your hair.

Product Highlights

This product is a Protein Free Formula, with Humectant Frizz Control, Thick Hair Approved, Thin Hair Approved, High Porosity Approved, and Low Porosity Approved.

How to Use:

  1. Before shampooing hair, apply to dry or damp hair.

  2. Apply gently to your hair with your fingers, detangling hair and ensuring that it coats each hair shaft, especially the ends of the hair.

  3. Let pre-shampoo stay in your hair for at least two minutes, if possible more.

  4. Follow up with shampoo and conditioner of your choice.

What Do You Think?

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