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Smarter hair care is a test away.

Get personalized insights on your strands with hairID


How it works



Complete at-home test & mail hair and water samples 



Our lab experts analyze your samples



Access your hairID profile and personalized insights


Start with the Fundamentals

What we measure
hairID Kit
After you complete the 5-minute, at-home hairID Test and send us your hair sample, we put your hair through our rigorous laboratory testing process. 
Thickness and Imaging

Learn you hair shaft’s thickness down to the micrometer using a microscopic image. 

Quantify your hair damage level with cuticle integrity and strength measurements. 
Scalp and Water

Measure your scalp sebum level and understand your shower water's impact on your hair. 

We believe in lab work, not guesswork.

Did you know?


73% of individuals misjudge their hair's thickness.

67% are unaware of the true extent of their hair damage.

Lemma Labs gives you the information you need to make the best decisions for your hair.

What our customers are saying 

Very impressed

- Emily M.

I think it will help me out a lot in the future and I am very glad that I did it so thanks for making a great kit that can help people like me with hair concerns.

- Kara

I think this service is awesome. Its been months, maybe close to a year since my 1st kit and it has been the game changer to maintaining my scalp and hair better. Well worth the money.

- Amy J.

I always thought I had really thin hair but it turns our my hair strands aren't thin at all!I was using the wrong products for years!

- Sarah

  • What happens after I make a purchase?
    After you purchase an assessment, we'll send a hairID testing kit to your address. You’ll conduct at-home water and scalp sebum tests and send back a small sample of your hair. We will send you a link containing your hairID results within 2-4 weeks after receiving your hair sample in our Buffalo, NY lab, along with ten product recommendations.
  • Do I need to cut my hair?
    No, please don’t cut your hair sample! Simply collect hair from your brush or shower drain.
  • Is my DNA analyzed?
    The Hair Analysis Kit is designed to provide information about the physical condition of your hair. It does not involve medical diagnoses, sequencing of DNA, or the production and distribution of health-related data.
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