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Instructions and Registration

To ensure best results scalp sebum results, start collection and registration 24 hours after washing hair.

Scalp Sebum Test
Perform the scalp sebum test on all six sections of the scalp as indicated in the image.
scalp location.png
For each section of the scalp, use the instructions provided below. Record results in the provided section of the form below. Try your best to match the results to the scale provided. The test strip results will fade over time, so make sure to record results within minutes of conducting the test or take a photo of your strip to return to. 
Asset 2.png
Conduct this test 24 hours after you last shampooed your hair. 
Asset 3.png
Ensure your hair is dry and parted.
Asset 4.png
Using moderate pressure, apply the test strip onto your scalp where your hair is parted (grey patch facing down) for 10 seconds
Asset 1_3x.png
Compare your test strip results to the scale below. Look for the closest match.
Screen Shot 2022-10-31 at 11.53.07 AM.png
Record Results Below: 
Now Let's Register Your Kit #!
Tell us more about you and your kit: 
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Thank you! Continue below for water and hair collection instructions!

Water Sample Collection 
The water sample collection can be performed at any point before mailing in the samples. 
Hair Sample Collection 
The hair sample collection can be performed at any point before mailing in the samples. 
Mail in Your Samples
Place your samples in the provided mailer and secure your prepaid shipping label on the the mailer. Insure that the mailer is closed securely. Drop your samples in any USPS location. Your results will be ready within 14 days of receiving your samples in the lab. You will be notified by email once your results are ready. 
Scalp Sebum Test
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